Microsoft Teams will allow you to organize webinars under a new subscription service

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft team plans to add new functionality to Teams. However, this new offer will only be available under a new subscription plan.

Microsoft Teams has many functions that cover different areas of our work or study. So it’s just a matter of combining some of the features to create different video conferencing scenarios.

Following this line, Microsoft wants to go one step further by offering users the ability to create and organize webinars, or webinars, from the Teams interface. But this new option will not be part of the current functions, but will be included under a subscription service: Teams Pro.

A new subscription service for Microsoft Teams

This new subscription service seems to be launching in mid-March, although there is not much information about it. The idea under this new proposal is to expand the potential of Microsoft Teams taking into account the needs of users during this period of pandemic.

Webinars are one of the tools most used by those who want to promote their new ventures or as part of their marketing strategy. And of course, they are also part of the team activities. So this new initiative could be of interest to users who have already chosen Teams as the center of their work activities.

We will see if the subscription model that Microsoft will suggest under this Teams Pro is also attractive to users. Of course, webinars will not be the only feature offered under this plan, so we will have to wait to see what approach Microsoft plans to launch to make the offering attractive enough.

A plan that looks like it will be available as part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 business and education account licenses.

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