Microsoft was interested in acquiring Pinterest

Microsoft was one of the companies that applied to buy the US portion of TikTok, which at the time allowed we could meet that the company was interested in acquiring a social platform, despite the fact that it currently owns LinkedIn as a professional social network, and even also owns the well-known repository of open source projects GitHub, and if that was not enough, also the popular game Minecraft.

But for Microsoft this is insufficient, and since finally the purchase agreement for the US part of TikTok went to Oracle and Walmart, although the current US administration has paralyzed it indefinitely, Microsoft continues to search for a new social platform for its acquisition, having been set a few months ago in the well-known social network of images Pinterest, as reported now Financial Times.

Microsoft’s Azure would have had very valuable data for its strategy

In the conversations that both parties had, it was said that the acquisition operation would cost about 51,000 million dollars, according to sources close to the aforementioned publication.

But these talks have come to a standstill in recent weeks, according to these sources. According to the Financial Times, Microsoft’s true interest lies in incorporating new businesses to its Azure cloud platform with which to deal with Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud platform, where the infrastructure of Pinterest, currently having the largest share of the business market in this segment.

Pinterest has had quite favorable growth in 2020, both at the level of active users and at the level of turnover, although for the moment it is still in the red, but with the 460 million users of Pinterest, Microsoft could have very valuable data on everything related to user buying trends, which would allow you to anticipate other market trends, and even allow you to better train your artificial intelligence algorithms, as you currently do with LinkedIn.

We know that Microsoft has plenty of cash, which according to MacroTrends, the amount amounts to 131,000 million cash, so it should not surprise us that at any time we can find ourselves with the purchase of a social platform to enhance its strategy in the cloud with Azure.

It also counts among its ambitious plans the completely “radical” visual redesign of its popular Windows 10 operating system.

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