Apple wants to monitor health data via bed sensors

Two patent applications could reveal the next ideas for sleep monitoring from Apple.

Monitoring of health data via bed sensors

In 2017, Apple took over Beddit, a company that deals with sleep tracking technology. The US group continues to sell the hardware for this function under the name Beddit Sleep Monitor. This is a 780x65x2 mm textile tape with sensors that is attached under the bed sheet at heart level. The power supply is ensured via USB. The tape can measure heart rate, breathing rate, different sleep phases and their duration, temperature and moisture content in the room and save and evaluate them in an app. It is also possible to use the microphone in the smartphone to determine whether a person is snoring.

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In two patent applications, Apple describes how the tape and the technology it contains should develop further. On the one hand, the Interweaving of sensor layers cause the tape to become flatter and less noticeable.

The second application aims to use new types of sensors Body movements and sounds recognized and taken into account in assessing the state of health. According to Apple, heart noises, breathing movements, noises from the mouth, nose and digestion as well as bowel movements are to be recognized and recorded by the sensors.

The ideas are still in the sponsorship phase, so it is not clear whether and if so when Apple can and wants to implement them.

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