Canon launches an app with AI that helps you choose your best photos

Canon launched a new application that uses artificial intelligence to help users choose their best photos.

If you are one of those who fill their mobile gallery with hundreds of photographs, you will be interested in knowing the dynamics applied by Canon software.

An app that chooses your best photos

Taking hundreds of photos in an outing is very easy from any mobile. But choosing the best shots is not such an easy process, and most users give up the task by filling their library with thousands of repeated, poorly focused photographs, etc.

Canon comes to the rescue with new software that uses its computer vision artificial intelligence engine, PHIL. This new app, called Photo Culling, uses different criteria to determine which are the best photographs: sharpness, emotions, digital noise and whether the user has their eyes open in a selfie or portrait mode.

Using this criteria and a scoring system, you will establish which are the best shots in a series of shots. Photographs related. And once this process is finished, it will suggest the user to delete the rest of the photos that did not successfully pass these criteria.

And on the other hand, it will also suggest users to delete duplicate photos to free up mobile space. Of course, the app will not delete any photos without user approval. It also has extra functions, which will help users to create dynamic albums using different filters, for example, events or dates. This new Canon proposal is only available for iOS devices.

And although the app is free, users will have to go through a monthly or annual subscription to use all the functions that this software offers. But those users who want to give it a try can opt for a free trial of about 3 days to see the potential of the application.

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