Clubhouse in Spain, news, records and profiles to follow

Clubhouse continues to break records. In less than a year it has managed to attract the attention of great professionals from various sectors, in December it had 600,000 users, in December it exceeded 3 million, now it exceeds 10, adding hundreds of thousands every day.

The audio chat social network, at the moment only for iOS and by invitation (the android version is expected to arrive in March), has experienced a great increase in its growth since December, and in Spanish we can say that it is only a few weeks old But what weeks, ladies and gentlemen, what weeks!

Clubhouse has not struggled with funding as it has already raised $ 110 million in two rounds, both led by Andreessen Horowitz. Even before its release, it was valued at 100 million, which has since increased to 1 billion in December 2020.

Several celebrities have been instrumental in the growth of the Clubhouse, with Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Kevin Hart o Elon Musk.

Clubhouse Activity in Spanish

In Spanish the growth is also very impressive. From January until now, the rooms have been multiplying, mainly those related to the Marketing in Spanish. This club has users who have managed to give great strength to the community, with greats in the sector such as Juanmi Olivares, from, The Ariel Brailovsky, one of the main members of the Hispanic community in this social network (and responsible for the fact that eñes are allowed in the club titles, by the way).

The fact is that personally I have been participating in the Clubhouse for a few days, less than a week, in fact, so much that I still have the beginner hat (which disappears after a week), but that has not prevented me from participating in rooms, moderating others, ask questions of Gaby castellanos in a room by Ariel Brailovsky or Risto Mejide, thanks to a room organized by the great Yoriento.

At Clubhouse I have been able to talk about my experience founding WWWhatsnew, 15 years ago, about the relationship between journalism and entrepreneurship, the future of the media, business models … the audience was always there, raising their hands and participating in the debates. An experience practically impossible to achieve in other networks.

The Clubhouse record in Spanish

And it is that in Clubhouse it is already possible to find true records in our language. On the one hand we have the cafeteria, which has existed for 15 days, which has been open for more than 10 days without stopping, with moderators who keep it day and night within the Spanish marketing group, but I cannot fail to mention what has happened in the last 48 hours.

The Clubhouse room titled And 2021: Journalists and Entrepreneurs It was created by Juanmi Olivares, from Más y Mejor, and Borja Gómez, journalist, director of Borja Gómez Comunicación and founder of the Online Press School. Since its creation, it has been 48 hours with uninterrupted debates in which entrepreneurs and journalists have been participating, dealing with the most diverse topics.

On Wednesday, February 10 at 8:00 p.m. the room was born, and one of the main topics was related to how the relationship between entrepreneurs and media with clubhouse could change.

There I was, Juan Diego Polo, with my username @wwwhatsnew, giving my opinion for hours and hours, moderating when I could and responding to those who had doubts on the subject, but none of that would have been possible without top-level professionals such as Miquel Baixas, Ariel Brailovsky, Javier Piedrahita or Roberto Closed were at the bottom of the canyon showing their point of view on how the Clubhouse could be exploited by media and entrepreneurs.

On Friday, February 12, Juanmi Olivares and Borja Gómez organized another room to talk about that record, broadcasting simultaneously through Zoom and Clubhouse.

News to come

Clubhouse is just getting started, but Ariel Brailovsky has already given us some clues as to what we may find soon:

Music lists, integration with Apple Music so that users can share their favorite songs with their audience, thus responding to the copyright issue that is so controversial in these networks. We can talk with background music, or simply share lists so that our audience in the room can enjoy and share.

New expert profile. A moderator in a room today wears a green asterisk that differentiates him. Shortly, that asterisk may have a different color for the profile of an expert, so that a moderator can only act as a moderator while the room is led by the expert, who will be asked the questions and who will have to answer the audience.

In Clubhouse we will set up rooms from WWWhatsnew to discuss technology news in more depth, I will personally create rooms to comment on the entrepreneurial experience in Brazil and Spain, we will participate in events with other greats in the technology sector and we will help you to remain as informed as possible .

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