Google image search now shows fewer duplicates

Google just announced that they made an improvement in image search in November 2020 to reduce the appearance of duplicate images, something that was increasingly common with public domain images.

Free image banks offer a huge amount of content that can be used by content creators, and that content is indexed by Google, so thousands of blogs that use the same photo end up being displayed in the image search engine with the same words key code.

With this new version we will be able to see other images that are relevant but visually different, even the same one with some adaptation (sometimes the license of the image allows it). They also updated the algorithm to display images with alternate meanings, such as jaguar, for example, it can be an animal or a car.

They spread it on Twitter, where they specify that the main objective is to prevent a meaning from dominating the image results.

They take the opportunity to remember that there are also buttons that can appear at the top of the image search results that allow anyone to refine a query to a particular meaning, such as easily focusing the images so that they are about jaguars, animals, following the example previous.

It is not easy to index information on the Internet, but when it comes to images, recognition systems must also be included to find out what is inside, if we include algorithms to eliminate duplicates, it is clear that it is one of the most sophisticated within the Google search engine.

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