the DualSense would also have a “drift” problem

Drifting is the most common problem with video game controllers. Today, it affects more and more owners of the latest Sony console, the PS5 and especially its controller, the DualSense.

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If we talk to you about drifting, you are probably thinking of the Nintendo Switch controllers, them Joy-Con. In fact, this defect is so well known for these controllers that a complaint has been filed against Nintendo for this problem which, for some, resembles planned obsolescence. This plague would also affect the new joystick of the PlayStation 5, the DualSense. If the DualSense is one of the strengths of the new generation console, the problem of drifting that some players may have experienced could disgust more than one. Indeed, the console was released only a few months ago, last November, and some have noticed that their analog sticks do not quite respond to commands.

In a thread Reddit, players shared their experiences with this drift problem, with some showing that their character moved by itself even when they were not touching the controller. This is a recurring problem, but it is nonetheless very troublesome. It is all the more annoying that it only happens three months after the console’s release and that it has been difficult to obtain for many players. Their great disappointment with the drift of the controller is therefore legitimate. Luckily for these players, drifting is covered by the console warranty. To remedy the situation, the only solution is therefore to go through the Sony support site, on which a section is dedicated to problems with the operation of the equipment of the PlayStation 5, including the DualSense. Then the controller must be sent by the player to a Sony repair center, which will repair the faulty controller. The only thing to pay is the cost of sending it to the center, Sony taking care of returning it to you, repaired, at its expense.

This is not the only novelty concerning the DualSense, since a patent has been found which would improve the gaming experience for players. Indeed, the programmable buttons on the back of the controller that Sony had announced for the DualShock 4 in 2019 could well see the light of day on the DualSense. This is an improvement that is not new, already present on the SCUF Gaming controllers or the Steam controller for which Valve is ordered to pay $ 4 million at Ironburg Inventions. However, it could be a cheaper but just as practical alternative to professional controllers. Nothing has been announced by Sony, but the DualSense still has many surprises in store for us, some good and some bad.

Credit: Sony

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