These are the new functions for Ring video doorbells with the help of Alexa

Ring, Amazon’s division focused on home security devices, is launching three new Smart Responses features for its camera doorbells, with the help of Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, behind these new experiences.

These new Smart Responses functions, that is, both Greetings and Quick Responses as well as Movement Alerts, will be based on practice in selecting and using pre-recorded audio messages to be reproduced at the appropriate moments before the visitors before a series of situations that can occur at certain times when face-to-face care is not possible.

Greetings, instructions, and more via Alexa

The Greetings from Alexa They are aimed solely at Ring Video Doorbell Pro devices under a Ring Protect subscription whereby, upon the arrival of visitors, they not only receive a greeting but also make visitors interact with Alexa.

In this sense, according to the responses of the visitors, Alexa will offer them the possibility to record a message to make it available to the owner of the house, or otherwise, offer appropriate instructions, for example, if the visitors are messengers who are proceeding to the delivery of packages.

Similarly, Quickly answers It is a convenient function for those owners who cannot or want to attend to the visitors at any given time, giving more prominence to Alexa as an assistant.

For this, they will have a list with six pre-established responses, which urge visitors to leave their messages, receive instructions, or even wait a few moments to be attended.

The owners will receive the messages in real time through the Live View function of the application of Ring, and if they are Ring Protect subscribers, they can also access the message history at any time.

This feature is available for most Ring Camera Video Doorbells, with the exception of the Video Doorbell Wired.

And finally there are Movement warnings. Available for Spotlight Cam Wired, Floodlight Cam and Indoor Cam cable doorbells, this feature will warn visitors that they are being monitored after motion is detected. Basically, it is an additional layer of security that comes for deterrent purposes.

All warnings can be turned on and off through the Ring mobile app.

More information: Ring Blog

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