VLC gears up for an impressive update with a kind of integrated IMDB

VLC is an excellent video player, but everything indicates that version 4.0 will be much more than that.

From VLC we can, from any operating system, watch videos in any format, and even change the format of a specific file, or download videos from the web. Now they are working on a new, more modern interface, and they intend to integrate more online content into the software, as well as a new way of running VLC on a web page.

But if the fact of having VLC in web version is already surprising, the fact that they want to create a kind of IMBD is already unimaginable a few years ago.

VLC developer VideoLAN already showed how would that interface be in February 2019 at the FOSDEM conference, a design that abandons the light gray color scheme and opts for more transparent elements and modern-looking icons.

The point is that they want to be more than a player, they want to add more online content to the software, with extensions to offer third party videos, offer free videos with advertising in the future, bring online content to VLC … getting closer to a mix between Plex and IMDB.

On that version of IMDB, it already has a name, Moviepedia Project, an IMDb-style database for movies, and that users are responsible for editing and maintaining the content, as if it were Wikipedia.

They have not disclosed the release date yet, but we will be very attentive to it.

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