Ikea partners with Asus ROG to develop gaming accessories

This is a field on which we did not really expect the Swedish furniture giant. In a press release dated February 2, Ikea announces its collaboration with Asus ROG. The brand will market accessories dedicated to gamers, starting in May 2021 in Japan.


Almost two years after launching its range of loudspeakers in collaboration with Sonos, Ikea announces that it has forged a new partnership with a tech giant. The Swedish furniture company has worked with ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) to develop products and solutions for gamers around the world. “At Ikea, we know a lot about smart furniture, but we’re new to games.” says the firm. As is often the case with the brand, the names are quite unpronounceable and you will not have to give up to ask an advisor in store. Thus, the products imagined by ROG and Ikea will each be sold in the HUBUSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, UPPSPEL, LÅNESPELARE ranges. The brand specifies ” all ALLSPEL products have been designed in close collaboration with ROG. The remaining product families were developed by IKEA based on the knowledge gained through collaboration to ensure the breadth of the total play offering and meet customer needs in terms of function, design and price. . “ We find in particular gaming chairs and one desktop with USB ports and directly integrated keys. It will also be possible to hold your drink near your machine without the risk of spilling it on your keyboard with the LÅNESPELARE mug holder. Finally, video content creators will be able to benefit from a ring-light for lighting and hold their phone. We also note the arrival of a folding cushion to take a nap certainly between two parties. It also promises to relieve your joints and wrists thanks to reinforcements in some places.

Credit: IKEA

Not before October in France

If China can already benefit from this new range, it will be necessary to be patient in France. The different products should not arrive before October in our green countries. If most of the products are finally quite close to what we can expect from a range dedicated to gaming, a strange wooden hand slips into the list of accessories marketed by Ikea. Sold for about 20 dollars, it acts as a support for accessories such as headphones or charging cables. An original way to make sure you never lose them again. It remains to be seen from now on if the gamers will find their account there.

Asus ROG Theta 7.1 RGB Gaming…

  • Immersive sound, powerful bass: 7.1 surround sound with 8 ASUS Essence transducers and …
  • Better quality voice chats thanks to the built-in microphone with voice canceller.
  • Quadruple ESS 9601 DAC and exclusive ROG 7.1 DAC to avoid any audio loss
  • USB connector compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switch

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