Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm want to prevent Nvidia from buying ARM

One of the stories that made a lot of headlines last year was the $ 40 billion purchase of ARM. An acquisition carried out by NVIDIA. However, it is news again.

Both Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm appeared before the United States authorities to investigate the agreement, and even prevent the purchase. We tell you the details.

Tech companies want to cancel ARM purchase

These tech companies turned to antitrust authorities to prevent the acquisition from being completed, as they believe it harms the industry because ARM is a critical licensing provider. So this purchase puts NVIDIA in a unique position, with absolute power over the competition, considering that ARM technology is used by more than 500 companies.

So they consider that there is a possibility that NVIDIA limits access to ARM technology to certain companies or puts obstacles to make the process more difficult. Recall that NVIDIA mentioned, along with the purchase confirmation, that it would keep the ARM open license to guarantee a transparent relationship, but it does not seem to be a sufficient guarantee for technology companies.

While the transaction agreement was announced last year, NVIDIA has yet to await review of the purchase by different regulators. So the technology companies, which are in disagreement with the purchase, are asking antitrust regulators to intervene, and some of them expressly request that the agreement be annulled, as mentioned in Bloomberg.

It could be months of uncertainty for NVIDIA, as even if the FTC approved the transaction, it would still have to pass China’s review and regulatory conditions. And considering the trade war between the two countries, it seems difficult for China to support the acquisition.

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