NordVPN celebrates its anniversary by offering up to 2 years of additional subscription

It’s NordVPN’s birthday. And the provider is in a generous mood, graciously offering an additional subscription period as a freebie for any subscription to the two-year offer. The latter is in addition already -68%, which saves more than 150 euros.

NordVPN celebrates its anniversary. And, birthday obliges, there are gifts. For the occasion, NordVPN increases the duration of your subscription by 1 month, 1 year or 2 years for free for any subscription to the 2-year offer depending on your luck. Already in promotion of 68%, the 2-year subscription is only 2.97 euros per month. Add 2 more years as a gift and you get up to 4 years of VPN for less than 1.50 euro per month in the best case. Either way, you will leave with a gift of at least one month.

Take advantage of the NordVPN offer: up to 4 years at 1.49 euros per month

The NordVPN offer in detail

NordVPN is today the undisputed leader of online VPN services in mainland France. The service allows you to be safe from trackers and cookies, and above all to preserve your anonymity as well as your cybersecurity in all circumstances on the web. Even your ISP will not be aware of the pages you visit, for increased privacy in downloads. All of your browsing data then passes through an encrypted and secure tunnel.

VPN service is widely appreciated for its ease of connection and use. On a computer, everything goes through the eponymous software, which allows you to connect to any of the 5,600 servers around the world with just one click. You are presented with a world map, and you can connect to the country of your choice, a process that only takes two seconds. Every day new servers are made available, even in distant countries like the United States or Japan. You can then connect to it and access regional services in 59 countries around the world, while hiding your IP address. Enough to benefit from the streaming catalogs of services like Netflix which have exclusive programs to which we do not have access in France.

For downloading as well, NordVPN is one of the best around. Some servers are exclusively dedicated to torrent (P2P) operations, for increased speeds and better confidentiality. The VPN provider is also one of the best in terms of speed, with its NordLynx protocol. It is based on the open source WireGuard protocol, which gives you very good download connection speed, without compromising your security or revealing your personal data. In addition, the company does not save any activity, either on your account or on its servers.

NordVPN can also claim to be the most accessible service around. We find a simple interface, readable, and above all very intuitive. If you’ve never used a VPN service in your life, you won’t be disappointed, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. You will be able to go beyond the world map by manually selecting your preferred server. Note that the service is available in French on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux. On Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers, extensions exist to strengthen security and improve integration. This is the opportunity never to rest protect yourself, wherever you are.

Today, the subscription is at 2.97 euros per month, a reduction of 68% compared to its standard price. In addition, and for its anniversary, NordVPN offers you an additional subscription for any subscription. Depending on your luck, you will receive 1 month, 1 year or 2 years of additional subscription offered, which will be added to the subscription you have just purchased. You will need to log into your account or check your emails to find out which subscription you have won.

Take advantage of the NordVPN offer: up to 4 years at 1.49 euros per month

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