RATP launches its GIFs channel!

Like emojis, GIFs have become a common language, or almost! These animated images make it possible to quickly convey a message generally tinged with humor. It is therefore not surprising that institutions are starting to offer them.

Image : RATP
Image : RATP

RATP has posted on Giphy a collection of GIFs which illustrate situations well known to public transport users in Ile-de-France: nervousness in front of the metro door which has just closed, mimicry of drivers, hello between two sidewalks… There are also GIFs more original with people who dance or who are disguised.

GIFs for all occasions

And of course, it is impossible to miss the tickets that feature Serge, the RATP rabbit! The channel contains 69 animations that can be shared on social networks and in discussions with friends. The community managers management can also use them in their messages.

GIFs from RATP’s Giphy channel have already been viewed more than 2 million times across the internet. ” We too, we meme you “Laughs the Parisian public transport operator! These images are a new way for the company to defuse sometimes tense situations on Twitter and elsewhere: a good GIF is often enough to relax a discussion that would have turned sour.

The RATP is not at its first attempt to put users in its pocket. For the end-of-year celebrations in 2017, the group put on line “mixtapes” combining electro-chill rhythms and sounds well known to users.

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