This is Xiaomi’s cheap 75-inch QLED TV

If you are looking for a giant TV screen in which to enjoy the best series and movies then you will be pleased to know that Xiaomi has announced the launch of its Mi TV Q1 television for the European market.

This television, considered the largest to date, is part of the expansion carried out by the company to its Mi TV line.

Design and screen of the Mi TV Q1

Regarding its design, the Mi TV Q1 has an elegant metallic finish that serves as the perfect frame for its 4K HDR + screen with quantum dot technology.

These features will be favorable for gamers and streamers, who will also be able to take full advantage of the 120 Hz refresh rate that this TV offers through its HDMI 2.1 port, complemented by an automatic low latency mode.

In addition to this, the Mi TV Q1 has the capacity to achieve a contrast of 10,000: 1 thanks to the presence of 192 full-matrix local dimming zones.

Moving on to sound, the Mi TV Q1 supports Dolby Audio and DTS-HD in case you want to connect a sound bar. It also has an integrated 30 W stereo system consisting of 2 tweeters and 4 woofers.

Price and dates of the Mi TV Q1

Those European users interested in acquiring the Mi TV Q1, which has Android TVThey will have to contain their emotions for a few more weeks, since their arrival on the continent is scheduled for the month of March.

Once introduced to this market, it will be put up for sale for a value of 1299 euros, making this a competitively priced TV compared to similar QLED-type TVs.

The first countries on the European continent in which Mi TV Q1 will debut will be Poland, Italy, Germany, France and Spain who will put it on sale through from the page, as well as authorized dealers.

Those users who make the purchase of this television in advance will only pay 999 euros. It should be noted that the stock of the Mi TV Q1 is limited so its availability in stores is not guaranteed.

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