3 options to change the letter fonts of your Xiaomi mobile

Currently, mobile manufacturers such as Xiaomi present functions that allow customizing various areas of the mobile, such as the font.

This was an extremely complicated task a few years ago, when it was necessary to root the mobile to be able to customize this setting. Now on these mobiles It turns out to be very easy to put a third-party source for those who want to go out of the ordinary. So you can do it.

This process can be carried out both on Xiaomi phones, as well as on Redmi or POCO devices. To go straight to action, here we have up to 3 different applications from where you can easily make this change of font, so let’s go for it.

Themes, official Xiaomi app

In case you had not noticed, within the application drawer of each mobile with MIUI, there is a native application called Themes, which you will have to open and touch on the “T” icon located at the bottom. Once this is done, you will be able to see all the fonts that the app provides. In the event that the “T” icon does not appear, you will have to go to your mobile settings and change the region to India. When you do, you will notice that the icon will appear.


HiFont is a very interesting application that presents hup to 4000 different fonts, in addition to having more than 50 million downloads on Google Play, which clearly bodes well. However, there may be some fonts that are not available for Xiaomi, so it is recommended that you download each font that catches your attention to see if it is available or not.


Last but not least, we come across Fonts, an application that turns out to be different from what you are probably thinking. This app as such does not change the font of the mobile itself, but rather is a keyboard on which you can freely change the font.

It turns out to be compatible with any mobile of any brand, so it is also an interesting option for those readers who do not actually use Xiaomi phones.

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