More than 2 million free books now available on the Internet Archive

When you talk about digital books one of the sites that houses a vast collection of titles is the Internet Archive. Its administrators have been carrying out for years the task of offering their visitors free access to all the digitized content stored there.

And it is that in Internet Archive users will not only have the possibility of free access to books, but also to other types of material such as images, audio, videos, PC programs, movies and even games.

It is in the category of books where the Internet Archive has reached an admirable figure of two million titles. Within the range of texts offered by the Internet Archive are old magazines and books. Around 3,500 books are digitized daily. These are then made available to the public to be accessed as a loan from their library.

When carrying out the book digitization process, the Internet Archive does it in a meticulous way, that is, without cutting the binding. For this they resort to the use of a tool called Scribe, which performs its function as a book scanner and whose creation is attributed to its engineers who also developed the software.

One person is in charge of digitizing the books page by page, with universities and libraries distributed around the world being the places where this process is carried out.

After completing the scanning of the book, it is subjected to various quality controls, and any errors that may appear in its writing are also corrected. The book is then sent to a physical archive so that it can be preserved for the long term.

However, it is not only libraries that can make their literary contributions to the Internet Archive. The website is also open to receiving content provided by its users who may have the opportunity to do physical donations to this project, whether it be books, films, microfilms or records.

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