UrbanGlide brings its first electric all-terrain bicycle to Portugal

Urban mobility gains a new solution in Portugal with the UrbanGlide electric bike, with aggressive features and an off-road aspect. The model now presented for the Portuguese market is the Ebike-C7, with recommended price of 1 299 euros.

At stake is the new launch of the brand specialized in urban mobility solutions that offers us with its first electric all-terrain bicycle. It is prepared to face the most challenging conditions and surprises with its autonomy.

The Ebike-C7 is the new electric bike from UrbanGlide

electric bike UrbanGlide Ebike-C7
UrbanGlide’s new electric bike, the Ebike-C7.

The new Ebike-C7 has a remarkable range up to 70 km, and has pneus Spoke Wheel de 20 ‘‘. These, together with their hydraulic suspensions, make it suitable, or prepared for any type of terrain.

UrbanGlide’s new solution also comes with a Shimano transmission with six changes, which allows you to easily adapt the speed to the conditions and inclines of the floor for a more comfortable experience.

Safety is also ensured with its two disc brakes, front light and rear signal light, as well as side reflectors.

The Shimano transmission of the new Ebike-C7

Like mobility, storage is also one of the highlights, because the bicycle has a system that ensures easy transport in any luggage compartment. In practice, the bike can be folded, so you can take it anywhere.

Maximum speed of 25 km / h and 70 km range on the Ebike-C7

The Ebike-C7 achieves a top speed of 25 km / h with a range of 70 km on a single charge.

To fully charge the 36V 10.4Ah battery, the user needs between 4 to 6 hours. The new UrbanGlide bicycle is made of aluminum and has a weight of 22 kg, and can carry a maximum of 127 kg.

Digital display of the new electric bike from UrbanGlide.

With its new solution, UrbanGlide comes equipped with an LCD display that presents various information about the status of the bike or the route, namely speed, autonomy and battery status.

It is also worth noting that the bicycle has its own key to turn on, also allowing the battery to be removed when parking it.

The new bicycle is already available in national reference stores with a recommended selling price of 1 299,00 euros (VAT included).

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