10 recent quotes from Bill Gates about COVID and climate change

A few hours ago the great Bill Gates gave his opinion on some issues related to the pandemic and climate change. He made it clear that the fight against the pandemic is much simpler than what we will have to do to fight climate change, and commented on some issues that are worth mentioning.

Your opinion is important for several reasons. Bill Gates has been working on the fight against malaria for a long time, and he knows enough about science and technology to be able to speak with knowledge of the facts.

The fact is that in a published article on the BBC We have been able to read a lot about the moment that we are going through and the one that we will have to go through to put plasters on the planet and be able to live with nature “as friends.” These are some statements that can also be read in his new new book “How to avoid a climate disaster.”

Let’s see some of the phrases:

– Solving climate change would be the most amazing thing humanity has ever done. By comparison, ending the pandemic is “very, very easy.”
– We have never made a transition like the one we will have to make in the next 30 years.
– Renewable sources like wind and solar can help us decarbonize electricity, but that’s less than 30% of total emissions. You have to focus on the production of steel, cement, transportation systems, fertilizer production and much, much more.
– Change has to start with governments. At the moment, the economic system does not calculate the real cost of using fossil fuels.
– A large investment by governments in research and development is necessary to allow the market for new products and technologies to grow, thus helping to lower prices.
– Consuming less things (less flights, local food, less electricity and gas) will not solve the problem. Buying an electric car, a hamburger made with a meat substitute, or an electric heat pump for the home will help increase the production of these products and thus help lower prices.
– The global demand will not be reduced, it is not worth investing effort to try to achieve something that will not happen.
– Stop having a private jet is not the solution. The answer has to be to have a kind of aviation fuel that doesn’t cost much more and has zero emissions and that has to be biofuels or electric fuels or maybe use green hydrogen to power the plane.
– The young generation has a “moral conviction” that they must be involved to bring about a change on the issue of the environment.
– The hope is that we “get a little bit lucky” and succeed in developing innovative new technologies that really do solve the tough areas. Innovation often surprises us in a positive way.

As you can see, they are not solutions, they are pushes, since the engine of the solution is in the political force, and in us, responsible for the votes.

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