15-year-old wins 535 games in a row

Anders Vejrgang is arguably one of the best players in FIFA 21, but he got beaten after a 535 winning streak in competitive mode.

Credit: Electronic Arts

Anders Vejrgang is a 15-year-old Danish teenager with record for number of wins in the game FIFA 21. To date, he has won 535 games in a row before he was stopped by another player on February 14. He mainly plays during the Ultimate Team’s Weekend League, a professional tournament in which a player can achieve up to 30 wins each weekend in the FUT 21 Champions mode, the most competitive mode in the game. This weekend’s tournament, Anders Vejrgang suffered his first defeat in months of play. His opponent scored 5 goals while he scored only one. The replay of this match is available on Youtube.

Anders Vejrgang is a professional player on RB Liepzig’s esports team and it is therefore no surprise that a congratulatory message was posted on the team’s Twitter account. The young man is very disappointed with his defeat, which was experienced live on Twitch and which caused a wave of emotions as positive as negative. Indeed, while many congratulated him on this incredible record, other players frustrated or supporting competing teams have swept a wave of hatred on Anders Vejrgang, which only made him disappointed. This reaction is still an aberration for all true fans of the game, who recognize the feat accomplished.

Luckily for the morale of the young player, he is soon reaching the required age to compete in EA’s official FIFA tournaments, which should propel him even more to the fore, despite being already considered the best. player of the world.


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