According to the comparison test, not all air purifier models are convincing

Air purifiers have enjoyed particular popularity – especially since the beginning of the Corona crisis – including in the private sector. Some models have now been examined a little more closely on Especially the devices in the higher-priced area often left something to be desired.

DIY air purifiers were more convincing than expensive models

The fact that DIY air purifiers were more convincing in the comparison test than expensive devices is due, among other things, to the fact that the self-made variants can sometimes remove dirt and pollen from the air faster than the higher-priced versions of the well-known, large manufacturers. The Levoit LV-H132, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, the GermGuardian AC5350B, the BlueAir Blue Pure 211+, the Honeywell HPA 160 and the aforementioned do-it-yourself version were tested.

The Dyson model could not convince in the test with regard to the performance in the area of ​​CADR value, while in connection with the GermGuardian it was noticed that the amount of UV-C radiation used left a lot to be desired. One of the testers’ accusations was that the statement that UV-C radiation could kill bacteria was used to advertise products that, however, work with too little UV-C radiation.

You can find the complete report including the corresponding graphics here along.

Dyson devices can now be controlled with the Google Assistant

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