How to find cool rooms in the Clubhouse

Clubhouse continues to be the meeting point for people with different profiles who want to participate in enriching discussions. For several weeks Clubhouse in spanish It has had a lot of momentum, but there are still many points to be worked on to make it even more useful.

One of its main problems is its open room search engine. It is very limited, shallow. It is very much based on showing rooms of people we follow, but it is useless to find something other than the interests indicated in our profile. Sometimes we just want to participate in a humor room in a specific language, for example, and its search engine does not allow it (it focuses a lot on finding clubs and people, not rooms).

To fill that gap there are some initiatives that are being carried out:

External search engines. a room finder, with filters by categories and dates. At the moment it is collaborative, since Clubhouse does not offer that information outside the platform. Those interested can upload their room to and wait for it to be included in the database so that other people can find it. There is another search engine in that can help us find different themed rooms, although they already warn that Clubsearch is limiting the information it shows outside. Another demonstration of that limit is in, which also goes to great lengths to show available rooms.

Clubhouse Newspaper Rooms. There are rooms specially created to ask people what they plan to do during the week. This room takes place on Sunday nights (Spanish time), and is very useful for recording future events.

– Own Clubhouse calendar. Limitadillo, but it helps to find rooms recommended for us. We can filter by “All upcoming” and find various other rooms, but it is not yet possible to filter by language, for example.

It still has to evolve a lot in its search engine, but if you define your profile well, you will not find problems to find interesting content.

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