Parler returns after his suspension in early January

Parler, the social network that was born in August 2018 proclaiming its commitment to freedom of expression, in counterpoint to the policies of the main social networks, Twitter and Facebook, which conservative sectors understand as censorship, comes back to life after the closure from his service in early January, where his then-hosting service, Amazon Web Services (AWS), suspended his account, while Apple and Google suspended Parler’s mobile app in their respective app markets.

What we comment them A few weeks ago, shortly after Parler’s suspension came the dismissal of his co-founder and CEO, John Matze, by his company’s board of directors, with Rebekah Mercer at the helm, with a very conservative profile, justifying that let Parler disappear from the map, to which Matze believes the real reason comes from his “strong belief in free speech” and his vision for the product, including “what I think is a more effective approach to moderation of contents”.

In this regard, we must remember that Speak It did not have content moderation mechanisms, to which was added the link between the activity of the users of the platform with the assault on the Capitol at the beginning of January, which is why Amazon, Google and Apple put it aside.

New stage with new hosting provider

Well, now with Epik as the new hosting provider, the same provider that hosts sites like Gave and 8chan, who also had problems with their previous hosting service providers, is coming back to life albeit with nuances.

According to its press release, the current user accounts remain available again, although the published content, called by it as “parleys”, could not be transferred.

They promise that by next week they will accommodate the entry of new users on their platform.

Still has some issues to resolve

In this new stage that is now beginning, it comes with what they call “robust, sustainable and independent technology”, although they have not yet been able to recover their mobile applications for Android and iOS, and they continue to hold the litigation against Amazon, which they denounced in court for the suspension of your hosting account on January 10.

If that wasn’t enough, Carolyn Maloney, chair of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee in Congress, is investigating the company about its financing and operations, so she has already requested the relevant documents.

For now, it will be Mark Meckler who will occupy the position of CEO temporarily until someone is found to replace him to occupy the position permanently over time.

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