Ryan Reynolds humorously responds to fan letter

Five years ago, a Deadpool fan wrote a letter to his interpreter. His response, written 5 years earlier, ultimately never reached its recipient. For the anniversary of the first film, Ryan Reynolds posted it on Twitter.

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In February 2016, Ryan Reynolds donned the Deadpool costume for the second time. After a controversial first appearance in X-Men Origins : Wolverine, the actor had finally had the opportunity to offer the superhero the adventures he deserved. This first feature film was then widely praised by comic book fans and the general public in general. To share his enthusiasm, Hunter sent the actor a letter in 2017, just a month after the first installment hit the big screen. Ryan Reynolds had then hastened to answer him, but obviously, the missive never reached its addressee. On the occasion of the film’s 5th anniversary, Ryan Renolds shared it on Twitter. We can easily say that he has nothing to envy his character on the humor side. He writes : “Thank you for all the kind words in your letter. I am delighted with the reception given to Deadppol so far, and yes, I am glad we were able to do it our way. Can you imagine if Deadpool would join the MCU with Disney! Haahahahaha. As for the suites, there will be plenty. Expect to find some every two years. It is a huge honor to put on a mask. “ He also adds not without humor that to be « badass », it is necessary “Focus on one thing. For me, it’s the actor’s job. You should not invest in several businesses like other celebrities. For my part, I made some investments in a music festival “Fyre”. A fine reference to the Fyre Festival which is the subject of a documentary on Netflix.

Deadpool 3 coming soon?

5 years later, history will have taught us that the development of Deadpool’s next installments has not been so easy. The takeover of Fox by Disney will have upset the plans of Reynolds and his team. Last January, Kevin Feige announced that he would be well integrated into the MCU and that he should be banned at least 16 years. Good news for fans who feared that under the Disney umbrella, the hero would undergo a little makeover to match Disney’s content policy. It remains to be seen from now on which direction will take the project and especially when it arrives in the dark rooms. Filming should not start until 2022, so we will have to be patient. In the meantime, it will be possible to see or see again Deadpool on Disney +, starting February 23. Entry to the platform made possible with the launch of the new destination: Star.

Disney + is available from 6.99 euros per month

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