Share a playlist through a cassette that you can print

One of the last supports under which music was presented and massively distributed in analog format was the cassette. For more than one generation, it is a symbol of nostalgia.

Today, with the digital audio and all the access facilities that there is to an increasingly extensive catalog of music, these physical formats were relegated to collectors and those who long for the glory days of magnetic audio tapes.

It is still possible to find cassettes, they are not completely missing. Outside of the circulation of more classic, second-hand copies, there are also new musical productions that have opted for this format in recent years.

However, the impact a cassette has today is different. Apart from the nostalgic touch, it is not very practical today to have copies in this format if you do not have a player. With the discontinuation of cassette tapes for home and portable audio devices, these devices have become a niche object.

Your playlist on a paper cassette

Send a Mixtape is a portal that, as its name suggests, offers a unique way to share music playlists. In particular, it provides the ability to generate a printable template of a folding cassette, which you can cut out and assemble to scale. On its label, it contains a QR code that redirects to the list that you indicate when creating it.

Using this web application is really simple. You only have to fill out a form with your email, to receive the download of the printable template and, logically, you must also indicate the playlist you want to link. You can link a list from any service, but the use of links from Spotify, YouTube or similar platforms is recommended, because when scanning the QR from a mobile, the corresponding application can be launched directly with the list loaded.

QR cassettes

Testing a linked Spotify playlist

To ensure the durability of this little craft, you can print the template on thick paper or cardstock, as long as your printer supports it.

With the template printed, just cut it out, fold its folds and glue the white flaps on the side, to form the body of the cassette.

The design of the Send A Mixtape template also rescues the presence of the classic self-adhesive labels that were used to label homemade tapes. You can use part of that space to write a title or message.

If you want to take maximum care of the presentation of this printable cassette, you can ensure that it is reproduced at the correct size. Originally, the main faces of the boxes of these tapes measured 10 × 6.5 cm. When printing it, verify these measurements, ignoring the folding flaps that appear on its side. However, this is only a suggestion. By having the template in PNG format, you can scale it to a larger or smaller size, according to your taste and the limits of your printer.

Although in presentation it may look modest, as a gift it can be quite practical and meaningful, as its true value lies in the shared songs.

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