This is Huawei’s new solution to have WiFi everywhere

More and more devices are usually connected wirelessly, although homes and offices do not have the same level of Wi-Fi signal in all their spaces, being usual that being further away from the router, the signal is weaker, and more if stands between walls and other elements.

That is why the networks Mesh WiFi, or WiFi Mesh, is the solution to have the same level of WiFi coverage in all spaces, maintaining the same speed, without connection interruptions, and without having to continuously change the WiFi network depending on the space.

Goodbye to weak signals and connection cuts with WiFi Mesh

In this regard, Huawei just brought your device catalog to the new HUAWEI WiFi Mesh, promising the highest level of coverage anywhere, and compatible with any operator.

Huawei offers the possibility of acquiring them in packages of two or three units, depending on the size of the homes or offices, noting that a two-unit package is ideal for homes of up to 220 square meters.

Each unit has six independent signal amplifiers and receivers that allow it to pick up the signal and send a stronger signal up to 120 square meters, and in combination with multiple units, roaming and band steering technology will ensure that users have the best coverage regardless of where you are, keeping you free of disconnections in your movements.

It is also a triple band system divided into a 2.4 GHz band and two separate 5 GHz bands, although one of these two can also become a dedicated 2.4 GH auxiliary band.

It is surprising that with Huawei Share technology it is possible to connect an Android phone with NFC by touching a unit, without the need for complex configurations through passwordsAlthough it also has a complementary application called AI Life with which to manage connected devices, being able to establish a series of rules.

HUAWEI HomeSec technology also allows you to protect your WiFi network against brute force attacks.

In general, WiFi Mesh solutions continue to grow, and Huawei is now adding its own solution, which sounds quite interesting, and which is currently in the pre-purchase phase, with a price of 179 euros for a pack of two units, and 249 euros for a pack of three units, with the arrival in stores scheduled for next February 18.

More information: Huawei Official Site

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