Train in technology with Ironhack and start paying only when you get a job

We have already told you on several occasions about Ironhack, a company that has managed to find an excellent balance between educational project and professional activity, teaching programming and opening the doors to the professional market, with dozens of large companies opening their arms to students who meet the objectives of the program.

Ironhack has a professional support program called Careerhack specialized in listening to the technology market in order to offer what the student needs: professional preparation to find a job after their studies.

It is a training parallel to the course that combines individual support from professionals with the student’s personal development. This training is divided into three different stages that will be completed before, during and after the course, in order to achieve the final objective, the dream insertion in the job market in the world of technology.

Ironhack has been able to differentiate itself from the beginning of traditional coding schools. They focus on Web Development, UX / UI Design, Data Analysis and Cybersecurity, but they do it in a different way than other projects can, offering bootcamps or intensive results-based training courses that equip the student with the practical skills necessary to learn by “doing” from day one.

We are not talking about any local project, it is an international school with global responsibility that trains the talents of the future to work in any part of the world. They have full-time (9 weeks) and part-time (24 weeks) intensive technology bootcamps. Students learn from scratch, knowing the trends and changes that affect the technology industry, as well as market trends in the world of technology.

In addition, they have deferred payments (the student does not start paying until they get a job) for all those who need financial support. Thus, Ironhack is the solution for those who were unemployed during this pandemic, with technology courses focused on the employability of the student, and with payment plans that help make it possible to achieve the objective without this process taking away sleep .

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