WandaVision: what do the latest episodes have in store for us?

Just three more short episodes before we bid farewell to WandaVision. The first season will be phased out after 9 chapters, and obviously things are going to pick up.


In just a few episodes, WandaVision established itself as the series of the year. After a very mysterious first phase, the show offered us a second part between the exterior and interior of Westview. Episodes 4-6 have cleared up some mysteries, but there is still a lot to explore. We must therefore expect that things will accelerate next Friday. This final part promises to be more muscular and should reconnect with the tradition of MCU films. A clash is brewing, but between who?

What if SWORD was finally the big bad in the series?

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First announced as outside support for Wanda, SWORD could finally have darker designs. It appears the organization is much more interested in Vision than in the people trapped in Westview. It is also no coincidence that the only three sympathetic characters in the series began to doubt Hayward’s motives. We would tend to understand them. Several questions arise regarding the images shown to Monica Rambeau in the previous episode, the first being: Why did SWORD hold Vision’s body? The organization appears to have changed direction after the events of Infinity War and has “Away from manned missions and refocused on robotics and nanotechnologies, and especially AI. Sensitive weapons as it says on the door “. One could also imagine that the ranks of SWORD were infiltrated by members of Hydra as it was already the case for SHIELD. This would explain the fact that the terrorist organization is mentioned several times in the commercials of the series.

Who is Pietro?

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Ultimately, WandaVision will not play the role of bridge between the MCU and the Marvel Universe of Fox. If the choice of Evan Peters to play Pietro remains a mystery, we should probably not expect to talk about Multiverse in the rest of the series. For fans, the character is none other than Mephisto, the comic book villain created in 1968. The supervillain is immortal, able to manipulate reality and create illusions. He could therefore be at the origin of this sitcom universe in which the red witch is immersed. It should also be noted that in the comics, it is with fragments of Mephisto’s soul that Wanda gives birth to her two children.

Monica Rambeau will she become Captain Marvel?

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In the comics, following a cell modification, Monica Rambeau acquires electromagnetic powers. In the series, Darcy discovers the results of the medical tests that the agent of SWORD underwent. These cells are changing and obviously this change does not frighten Monica. We will not be surprised to see her gradually transform to one day take over from Carol Danvers or even ensure the protection of the Earth while the other Captain Marvel is busy with the rest of the universe.

Who is Monica Rambeau’s mysterious contact?

At the end of the episode, Monica and Jimmy Woo set off to meet a contact capable of bringing them into the Hex. If the episode does not give us his identity, we will have to expect to find out in the continuation of the adventures of WandaVision. The theories are plentiful on the internet and many fans imagine that it will be a member of the Fantastic Four and more specifically the scientist Red Richards. It’s still unclear how the two characters are connected, and another theory catches our attention. One could also imagine that she calls on Nick Fury, having already met him in his youth. Anyway, this is arguably the huge appearance announced by Elizabeth Olsen a few weeks ago.

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