Aldi Süd – Smart Home ZigBee illuminants from February 18.

From February 18th you get smart ZigBee lamps at Aldi Süd. Like me reported in early February, the offers for the Lightway Smart Home are not to be despised in terms of price! This news should serve as a reminder so that you don’t miss the Smart Home articles on Thursday.

Smart Home from Aldi Süd – Lightway Smart Home ZigBee illuminants

In the latest Aldi Süd project, the Lightway Smart Home starter set is being advertised. The Smart Home is based on the ZigBee protocol and should be the first of its kind at Aldi. However, Lightway products have been around for a long time at Aldi.

The starter set contains a bridge, remote control and a ZigBee lamp and costs only 29,99 Euro. You can also purchase individual lamps.

  • Filament E27 (4,5 W, 300 lm)
  • Kerze E14 (6.5 W, 470 lm)
  • Birne E27 (9W, 806 lm)
  • Reflektor GU10 (5W, 345 lm)

Each of the aforementioned light sources should be individually 9,99 Euro costs. That would be a tough price! Especially since Aldi specifies an RA> 95 (color rendering index) for the E27 bulb in the description. The lamps can be controlled with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Click here for the brochure: Current Aldi brochures

Smartes Zigbee LED-Panel

There is also an LED panel (in 2 different sizes) from the “Megos” brand, which also supports the ZigBee protocol, but can also be switched via remote control (not included) or via voice control. Both sizes of the LED panel cost each 79,99 Euro. The LED panels come in sizes 62 x 62 cm and 120 x 30 cm. You can find both LED panels just im Onlineshop!

Aldi points out that by using the ZigBee 3.0 protocol, the integration into other SmartHome systems, such as Philips Hue would be possible, but there may be restrictions on individual functions and services. Also, it doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit and Hue Entertainment.

If you want to exchange ideas on the topic, have a look at our “Smart lighting group”On Facebook. There you will find a huge community with whom you can exchange ideas on the topic!

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