New data on the arrival of STAR to Disney +

In a few days, precisely from next February 23, the journey of Star will begin, the new Disney + content offer focused on a more adult audience. Star will arrive as one more brand that will coexist with the current Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, although the holders of Disney + accounts must, from the outset, configure it to be able to access its contents.

In this regard, according to Disney + officials in their presentation today, holders will be asked if they want to access Star content as soon as they enter the application and prominently, and will even invite them to create a PIN of four-digit access for added security.

Disney + starts engines before the arrival of STAR to its offer

Disney+ It will make sure that they are the owners by verifying the passwords of the accounts. After this process, Star will become available as one more choice, having its own content page, although some of Star’s content could also be available in some of the other Disney + brands, standing out Logan, which will also be available under Marvel.

Star promises to reach 800 titles throughout this year, starting on the same day February 23 with 250 of them, belonging to some of the main film and television production studios.

It will also carry out the production of up to 50 original productions in a series of European countries until the year 2024, seeking to make them recognizable by the public.

At Disney +, attention has been paid to parental controls so that holders can establish a series of limits to the profiles created.

In this sense, the possibility of having up to seven profiles will be maintained, where the account holders will be able to establish the qualifications by age between the following possibilities: +6, +9, +12, +14, +16 and +18, also maintaining child profiles.

In case of not establishing an age restriction, by default it will remain at +14.

Price variations with increasing supply

Finally, there is the question of prices, which will rise, as was already known, from 6.99 to 8.99 euros per month, or from 69.99 to 89.99 euros per year, although current subscribers will be able to continue with the Old prices until August 22, 2021, receiving the increase in billing after that date, while the new prices will take effect on February 23 for new subscribers.

There will be no changes to the benefits and capabilities of the accounts.

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