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The use of Office applications on tablets is very common, and iPad users have long waited for the Microsoft Office update on that device.

Now Microsoft has finally updated its unified Office mobile app to work on Apple iPad devices. The new Office application combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one application.

This unified app It is on iOS and Android since 2019, and it has received several updates in this time, but the iPad version was seen in windowed mode, it was not optimized.

This new update makes Office now a complete application for iPadOS, with access to all the common tablet variants of Microsoft’s productivity suite.

It is important to note that Office for mobile devices has some unique features to make it easier to work in a small format. We can, for example, quickly create PDF files or sign documents, convert images to text and tables, and actions faster than can be found in the desktop version.

On the other hand, the independent apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint are still available, they have not disappeared due to having an app that groups them together, and they continue to be updated, so if you are not interested in having the whole pack, you can always continue using the standalone app without fear of it disappearing in the near future.

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