Philips Hue – Two gradient light strips with a bridge with restrictions

If you connect more than one Gradient Lightstrip to your Hue Bridge, you are currently running into a really annoying problem.

Individual synchronization not yet possible

The Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip currently offers the best solution if you want to expand your TV, which is not already equipped with Ambilight at the factory, with the colorful function. The whole thing is of course not cheap and it only works in combination with the Hue Bridge and the Huy Sync-Box.

Now it can of course happen that you want to equip more than one television in your apartment with a Gradient Lightstrip. This is exactly where the system is currently reaching its limit, because separate synchronization on a Hue Bridge is currently not possible.

Like the colleagues from Smartlights write, you either have to use a second Hue Bridge for the separate control, switch off the Lightstrip that is currently not to be synchronized or just live with the fact that it shines brightly in the bedroom while you are watching a film in the living room. If two family members are looking at something in different rooms, it is of course even more annoying.

Signify would have to fix the problem with a software update. Unfortunately, I cannot yet say whether something is planned for this.


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