So here is the B & You 200 GB package at 14.99 euros again

The offers on mobile plans follow and look the same. After RED, here is B & You which once again draws its 200 GB offer at 14.99 euros.

B & You and RED stare at each other before drawing together or almost. After having launched 200 GB packages together or almost, then 5 GB packages almost simultaneously, the duel begins again with the return of the package 200 Go à 14,99 euros de B&You who therefore responds to the offer BIG RED from this morning. No particular novelty: it is non-binding, unconditional as to duration and reserved for new subscribers. It is available until January 18.

Find the B & You 200 GB package at 14.99 euros

The B & You 200 Go package in detail

Here are the details of this B & You package, and what it includes:

  • Unlimited calls / SMS / MMS
  • 200 GB of data in 4G
  • 15 GB of mobile data in Europe / DOM
  • Without duration condition
  • Without engagement

With this B & You package, we find a nice envelope of 200 Go of date on the very good 4G network of Bouygues Télécom. According to Arcep, this is one of the best in terms of the quality of mobile services. Service that you can enjoy unlimited on SMS, MMS and calls in France, Europe, but also in the overseas departments. If you are elsewhere in Europe or in the overseas departments, Bouygues allows you to 15 Go from data on this envelope, and at no additional cost.

The offer is primarily aimed at people who need to be permanently connected when traveling regularly, or those whose fixed connection leaves something to be desired by allowing them to replace it with 4G. If you watch series in streaming, play video games then this formula could be particularly suitable.

The other argument of this offer is the possibility of making it compatible 5G. After subscribing to your subscription, you will have to go to your Bouygues application, then to the “My line” tab, then “Options”, then choose the “5G Option”. This costs 3 euros per month. The package therefore comes back to you at the price of 18 euros per month, with an even faster connection.

Like RED, B & You charges double calls, but at a rate of 1 euro per month compared to two with its competitor. This is a significant advantage if you need this option, especially if your line is used for business purposes. If you hesitate between the two, we have compared the offers of B & You and RED point by point to make your job easier.

Find the B & You 200 GB package at 14.99 euros

The RIO (Operator Identity Record) is a unique identifier, composed of 12 characters (letters or numbers), which will be requested by the operator with whom you wish to subscribe. To get it, all you need to do is call 3179. A voice server will then tell you your commitment end date, as well as the RIO number of your line. Note that an SMS will be automatically sent to you with all the information communicated by the voice server.

The mobile plan offers and promotions, that’s not what is lacking and that’s good: we don’t have the same needs, the same requirements and the same budget. Some people are looking for the lowest price at all costs, others for maximum mobile data, a no-obligation plan, limited for the youngest, the possibility of affording a new smartphone… To find the perfect fit, you have to essential to go through the box: what do I really need and what are my financial limits?

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