The Nintendo Switch drops to 274 euros with this promo code

Good news if you were considering buying a Nintendo Switch. You can save 25 euros on it thanks to a promo code from Cdiscount which drops it to 274 euros.

Console with dazzling success when it was launched, and long difficult to find, the situation has now returned to normal. And it is even now possible to find it on sale. The proof with Cdiscount which allows it to be offered to you today at 274 euros thanks to the promo code “25EUROS” set up by the merchant. Yes, this is the “new version” with improved battery life.

Find the Nintendo Switch at 274 euros

Nintendo Switch in detail

No need to elaborate on the Switch, the Nintendo console is now widely known. So you know that it has the particularity of being able to be used both as a living room console and as a portable console. Unlike the “Lite” version, this model comes with its dock to connect to the TV and detachable Joy-Con to enjoy it on your sofa.

As we said in the introduction, the promotion concerns the “new model” of Switch. This version, actually identical in terms of performance, has the only difference in improved autonomy compared to the model released initially. This is an undeniable advantage if you plan to use the console in “portable” mode regularly, especially on greedy games like Zelda: Breath the Wild.

This is THE must-have game to buy on Switch, but you will also find other high-quality titles, not to mention the many indie games available on the Nintendo e-shop.

Find the Nintendo Switch at 274 euros

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