a French company sells virus killer masks

The company BioSerenity has developed, in partnership with the Lille University Hospital, Inserm and CNRS, a mask capable of blocking and killing viruses. It will be offered in two versions, FFP2 and surgical, and will be effective against different variants of the coronavirus.

Masks have become essential to our daily lives. Mandatory in all public places in France, however, they must be handled with care to avoid being contaminated by droplets present on both surfaces. If they are currently only used as a barrier between the different carriers, they will be able to kill viruses in the future. At least that’s what the French start-up BioSerenity is saying. Based in Troyes, the company has just developed a virucidal mask model using its technology called Cidaltex. Concretely, the‘one of the four layers that make up the mask contains a “Cage molecule”, cyclodextrin, on which it is possible to attach an antiviral and antibacterial agent, reports AFP in partnership with BFM TV. According to studies carried out in partnership with the Lille University Hospital, Inserm and CNRS, this mask is capable of reducing the viral load of 99.9% in less than 5 minutes and 99.96% in less than 2 hours. A great initiative which should also facilitate the treatment of waste generated by the use of masks. The properties allowing them to decontaminate themselves should thus reduce the risks of viral contamination linked to the handling of used masks.

Already available to order

Since Tuesday February 16, it is possible to get your hands on one of the two models provided by the company. The FPP2 version, CE certified, is in fact available for sale and offered at the of 1.49 euros. For the surgical model, however, you will have to wait until February 22. This general public mask will be marketed at 0,44 euros, after distribution to caregivers. They will first be available on the company’s website, before reaching the shelves of pharmacies. They will both be effective against Sars-Cov-2 and its variants, but also other viruses and bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus. “These virucidal masks could therefore greatly reduce the risk of contracting a respiratory infection in hospital, for example. “

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