Build It – Amazon Alexa in a smart cuckoo clock, food scale and sticky note printer

A new Amazon program called “Build It”Lets customers decide in the future which devices will appear with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The program introduces various devices, based on the pre-orders it is then decided whether the respective device will go into series production.

Build It – Customers decide which devices to build

Amazon launched a new program on its own blog called Build It brought to life. Customers should use pre-orders to decide which devices will come onto the market in the future. Amazon starts with three suggestions. You can choose from a smart cuckoo clock, a smart nutritional scale and a sticky note printer.

Food scales, cuckoo clock and sticky note printer

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The program aims to present several ideas, customers can pre-order up to a certain day. If the specified goal is achieved, the respective device goes into production. If it is not produced, your pre-order lapses and you do not have to pay anything. The first three smart devices can be pre-ordered until March 19.

Amazon Alexa – Food Scale at Build It

As of today, the scale already has a pre-order score of 7%. The food scale works with Alexa to provide you with nutritional information for thousands of foods. Stay informed about what you are eating – place the food on the scale and then ask Alexa for specific data such as calories, carbohydrates or sugar content. If you pair the scale with an Echo Show, you will get all the nutritional information available for the respective food on the Echo Show display.

The pre-order price is $ 34.99. Click here for the Food scales on

Amazon Alexa – Kuckucksuhr bei Build It

The cuckoo clock is a little more popular on the first day. This has a pre-order score of 8%. The intelligent cuckoo clock, like the Echo Wall Clock, is intended for timers. But it should also support alarms! You can even set your own bell tones and alarms, which then sound via the integrated loudspeaker. Just say “Alexa, set a 20 minute timer” and watch the countdown on the LED display.

The cuckoo clock comes in a simple, modern design with an analog dial, swinging pendulum and mechanical cuckoo that makes it easy to read.

The pre-order price is a bit higher here, namely at $ 79.99. Click here for the Cuckoo clock on

Amazon Alexa – Sticky Note Printer at Build It

The sticky note printer seems to be the most popular on the first day. With a whopping 16%, this is really going on. No wonder, since the feature for printing shopping and todo lists and Sudoko puzzles was only recently introduced. The printer is supposed to print out shopping lists, to-do lists, reminders and calendar events via voice command.

The printer works with thermal technology and therefore requires neither ink nor toner, only the paper rolls have to be refilled. The replacement paper rolls will then be available for purchase in blue, pink, white and yellow.

The pre-order price here is $ 89.99. Click here for the Sticky Note Printer at


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I feel that all three devices could make it onto the market. All ideas are good and suitable for a wide variety of customers. It seems as if you cannot vote / pre-order from Germany. Should the devices later appear officially, they can certainly be ordered on the site and via a third-party provider (e.g. Shipito) have it delivered to Germany.

Which of the devices would be one for you? Please leave us a comment!

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