European Space Agency recruits new astronauts

Do you feel like a space explorer? The European Space Agency has just launched its new recruitment campaign. Here’s how to participate.


If the idea of ​​exploring the planet Mars, as is about to do le rover Perseverance tomorrow evening makes you dream, it’s time to try your luck. The European Space Agency formalized on February 8 the launch of its new recruitment campaign. The goal? Train tomorrow’s astronauts to conquer space. Are you interested? The recruitment phases will begin on March 31, and are open to everyone. However, it will take several stages before hoping to set foot on the ISS.

In addition to being a European citizen and of legal age, the European Space Agency indicates that applications will be received only from March 31 to May 28, 2021, and that only the files submitted on theESA Career (in English) will be taken into consideration. At the end of a first phase of online recruitment, “The six-step selection process will then start and should end in October 2022”Then recalls the ESA. It will then be a question of determining “The candidate’s personality, his character, his motivations, knowing what makes him suitable and ‘wired’ for this job”, explains former astronaut Jean-François Clervoy to the 20 Minutes site.

For the lucky ones selected, the second step will consist in evaluating the candidates on their cognitive abilities, while the third phase of selection will place them in front of a jury to assess their ability to work in a teame, and manage their stress. The fourth step will then consist of validating physical condition of candidates, while the last two selection phases will consist of professional interviews with members of the management of the European Space Agency. Clearly, you will not only need excellent physical condition to become an astronaut, but also strong intellectual skills.

What does the ideal candidate look like?

According to the Business Insider site, which is based on past ESA campaigns, you will definitely have a better chance of being selected if you meet a few prerequisites: Be between 27 and 37 years old, a solid level of study (at least Bac + 5 level), as well as sufficient professional experience in the scientific field. Speaking several languages ​​also seems to be a mandatory prerequisite. Either way, the competition promises to be tough. Remember that during the last recruitment campaign in 2008, only 6 candidates had finally been selected… Among more than 8,400 participants.

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