In 2020, sales of computers running Chrome OS overtook Macs

According to IDC figures, sales of Chrome OS computers exceeded those of macOS machines in 2020, while Windows lost in attractiveness.

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The coronavirus pandemic that has hit the world has significantly increased the computing needs of individuals, to meet new needs in terms of teleworking. It is therefore logical that the laptop sales exploded in 2020, but it seems that it is Google’s OS, Chrome OS, that has enjoyed the strongest growth. According to figures shared by the firm IDC, sales of computers under Chrome OS have indeed exceeded all forecasts for the past year, to the point of exceeding those of Apple computers, under macOS. Sales of computers running Chrome OS began to overtake those of Macs from the second quarter of 2020, reaching a 10% market share. They then continued to increase in the third quarter (11.5%) and then even more in the fourth quarter (14.4%). At the same time, Mac sales also increased, but not by as much, from 5.8% in Q1 to 7.6% in Q2 and 8.4% in Q3, but they weakened slightly in the fourth quarter for s ‘set at 7.7%.

So it seems that Chrome OS has not really grabbed market share on the side of macOS, but rather on the side of Windows. Microsoft’s operating system has indeed lost a lot of appeal in 2020, with sales of Windows computers falling from 87.5% in the first quarter, to 81.7% in the second quarter, then 78.9% in the third. quarter and finally 76.9% in the last quarter. Note also that these are sales figures for 2020. According to statcounter, in terms of use, Windows remains immensely in the majority with 76.26% of the market, followed by macOS with 16.91%, and finally Linux and Chrome OS neck-to-neck with 1.91% each.

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