Aukey EP-T21 wireless headphones fall under 20 euros

If you’re looking for a much cheaper alternative to AirPods, the Aukey EP-T21 wireless earphones are a good entry-level option. They are now available at 19.99 euros on Amazon, at an unbeatable price.

Decent sound quality, stable connection, convenient touch control and fairly comprehensive features, here is the pedigree of the Aukey EP-T21 headphones. Usually offered at around thirty euros, they take advantage of a 10 euros coupon (to be checked) on Amazon to fall to 19,99 euros.

Find the Aukey EP-T21 at 19.99 euros at Amazon

The Aukey EP-T21 in detail

These wireless headphones are in-ear, which means they give you more immersive, direct sound to your ears (and a little passive noise reduction). The audio quality of these models is correct, without falling into the excellence of the references to 200 euros. They can especially benefit from Bluetooth 5.0, which is quite unusual on such affordable true wireless headphones. This results in very fast pairing and an ultra stable connection, even on the move.

The manufacturer has supported them with several interesting and practical features to use on a daily basis. For example, the tactical control is very nice, and you can manage audio playback as well as calls with the multifunction touch panel and the microphone of each earpiece. Concretely, a triple press allows you to launch Siri or the Google Assistant. Also, you will only have to remove them from the charging case so that they automatically connect to your phone.

These wireless headphones come with 3 different pairs of earbuds that you can alternate according to your type of ear. Battery life is more than adequate with 5 hours of high quality sound on a single charge. The included charging case that you will carry with you gives you 4 additional charges, for a total of 25 hours of playback.

Find the Aukey EP-T21 at 19.99 euros at Amazon

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