Built It – New Alexa devices already showed up at the FCC

Amazon has presented new devices with Alexa compatibility, but they should only be built with enough pre-orders. Two of them have already turned up at the FCC.

Alexa cuckoo clock and kitchen scale at the FCC

Just yesterday did Daniel in one items reported on Amazon’s new Built It project. Here the company has presented three new devices that are compatible with Alexa, similar to the one known from the Echo Wall Clock. The exciting thing about it is that Amazon says it will only bring the devices onto the market if enough people have pre-ordered them. You can see a bar on each individual product page that shows the missing orders in percent.

Build It

But Amazon is already pretty sure that the devices will come onto the market, because I was able to discover two entries on the FCC today. Here you can find the Cuckoo clock and the Kitchen scales. Since the devices are being tested by the FCC, prototypes must of course already be available. So far, however, I have not been able to discover the sticky note printer at the FCC, although this is probably the most popular with customers. At least it’s closest to the 100% on the product page.

I am curious whether the devices will also make it to Germany. In any case, I’ve already placed a pre-order, but it should take until the summer for the eventual delivery.

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