Google Meet adds new functions for virtual classes

Google will add new features to Meet to help educators who use this service as an educational tool.

More features dedicated to moderation will be added in the coming months so that teachers can manage their classes online.

New Google Meet features for online learning

Some of the news it will bring Google Meet it will allow teachers to maintain control of classes. For example, one of the functions will allow you to mute all participants at the same time during a meeting to have attention and speak without interruption.

This option can have multiple applications, for example, when creating discussions between students, several of the students are joking or to avoid awkward situations. In this case, only the meeting host will be able to use this option, which will be available only from the web version of Google Meet.

In this case, the teacher will not be able to reverse the action, and only the students will be able to activate their microphones again. On the other hand, if they want to prevent this from happening, then they can apply another of the options that are part of the news and that gives the possibility of controlling when the students can activate the sound.

A new option will also be added for teachers to make sure their students don’t stay in chat rooms after class is over. This option will allow them to end the call for all attendees.

Of course, all these options will depend on the teacher’s criteria or the type of class he is developing. An atmosphere of debate is not the same as a class dedicated to a dissertation. In either case, Meet will offer a number of options to cover different scenarios.

And to complement all the new features of Meet, Google announces the integration with Classroom. In a previous article we mentioned all the features that Google is preparing for Classroom, so this integration will make it easier for educators who use both Google services.

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