Oculus makes it easy to share Quest devices

Oculus, Facebook’s Virtual Reality division, just presented the arrival of two new experimental functions to the Oculus Quest devices, starting with the Oculus Quest 2 and expanding over time to the rest of the Quest Virtual Reality glasses models.

In this division they understand that Virtual Reality glasses are devices that can be shared with several other people, so the new experimental multi-user functions and application sharing are precisely for those who lend their Quest devices to other members.

For each user to keep their data intact

In this regard, Quest glasses owners will be able to add up to three additional accounts, keeping theirs as an administrator account, and allowing each account available on the same device to have its own list of friends, browsing history, configuration privacy, among other elements.

What’s more, the applications and content purchased in the Oculus Store from an additional account will remain available for that account, without being able to share them with anyone, neither with the administrator nor with the other accounts.

It must be remembered that each user account, regardless of whether it is an administrator or additional account, must log in with its respective Facebook account (it has long been mandatory the use of Facebook accounts, eradicating the independent Oculus accounts, which came to anger many users).

Additional accounts will have limited possibilities

From the administrator account, it will be possible to share applications with the additional accounts, and even for the accounts of other glasses, being able to enable the sharing of applications in a single device, and as we have just mentioned, you can also add the additional accounts in the same device, but from the additional accounts it will not be possible to add other additional accounts.

In the event that a user later has new Quest glasses, they will not be able to access the applications shared by the administrator account of the other device. Users will be able to log in to multiple devices at the same time, but not use the same application simultaneously on multiple devices.

Administrator accounts cannot be changed except factory reset. Since Oculus point out that these experiences may undergo changes over time depending on the evolution in the use of these devices, with a growing presence among users.

With these two new functions, which must be enabled in advance, it will be easier to share the same Quest device between several members, without affecting the user account of the device owner, which is what is ultimately intended.

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