SmartHome company Eve would like to continue to rely on thread in the future!

Thread has emerged as the future of communication for smart home devices over the past year. In a recent blog post, the smart home company Eve described in detail why they would like to continue investing in the thread protocol in the future and what advantages threads have over Bluetooth and WLAN.

What makes Thread stand out is that it is a specially designed mesh network protocol for HomeKit. Not only for HomeKit, of course, other platforms also benefit from it. If you want to know what thread is exactly, you can do so in my Post via thread read up. In addition, there are already some SmartHome products that support Thread. For example, Apple has a device on the market with the HomePod mini that is thread-compatible and is the only device so far that also serves as a hub for HomeKit.

Eve Energy already equipped with thread

According to Eve, the fact that Thread is a peer-to-peer mesh network is a huge benefit. This means that the devices do not need a direct connection to a hub, but can communicate with each other directly. Also, Thread is designed to be a self-sustaining network. And that means that the connection is maintained even if a device is replaced or removed. If necessary, the network is automatically reconfigured. Incidentally, Thread was specially developed for SmartHome devices that do not have a permanent power supply. This means that power consumption is very low and the service life of the batteries in the devices is increased. With Eve Door & Window, Eve has a battery-operated product with Thread technology. That should also be the beginning. Eve is working on developing more products with thread technology.

You can read the full post from Eve here read if you can do the whole thing in English. I personally find the topic very fascinating and I am personally excited to see what the future will bring for smart home technologies.

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