Android 12’s first developer preview arrives

As is already a tradition at this time, Google has just officially presented the first preview for developers of the new version of Android, Android 12, although, for the moment the changes have been brought to the code level, hoping that Throughout the following stages of development, there will be notable changes for the user in the form of improvements in the interface and new functions, as usual in Google.

Still, with the first preview of Android 12 for developers, Google has already given the main clues of the orientation that the new version of the Android operating system will take, and that for now they will be able to install developers and advanced users on a series of Pixel devices so that they can have a first glimpse of what is to come.

The cycle for the arrival of the new version of Android begins

This year, unlike the previous one due to the pandemic, Google will maintain the development schedule as planned, taking into account that last year, the development of Android 11 has suffered some delays in reference to what was initially scheduled.

So, in general terms, Android 12 will clearly bet on more advanced multimedia codecs, which offer more quality and take up less space, with a clear setting by the HEVC codec (H.265) for videos and AV1 for images as an alternative to jpeg, as well as the launch of an API for developers that allows rich content to be shared between applications.

Given a recent leak, it is no longer a surprise that Google wants to make a significant improvement to notifications, offering a renewed design that seeks greater usability, functionality, with faster animations and transitions, and also facilitating that applications can be opened in a faster from notifications themselves thanks to Triggers.

Project Mainline It also receives new capabilities in the form of new modules that will help developers to optimize their applications for different media and that current ones can arrive more quickly, and finally, privacy also receives its dose of improvement with the arrival of new ones. User controls regarding tracking identifiers, cookie behaviors and more, with the addition of greater protection against inappropriate application behavior.

Those interested can know all the details of Android 12 via the Android Developer Blog.

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