Microsoft announced the upcoming release of Office 2021 and Office LTSC

Over the past few years, Microsoft’s strategy to make Office profitable has been based on promoting its suite of cloud-based apps and services, Microsoft 365.

Although the transition to cloud-based services is increasingly common, there are cases where the best option is to follow the traditional route, with a license offline single payment.

Office is back, free from the use of the cloud

Thinking precisely in those cases in which it opts to do without the cloud, Microsoft presented two new versions of its office automation and productivity suite: Office 2021, for home users and Office LTSC, for business environments.

In appearance, this new version would not differ much from the last one known through Microsoft 365, except for small modifications, such as the addition of a dark mode to its interface. Likewise, the functions contained in this version will be all those included in the latest update released through that same channel.

This “old-fashioned” distribution method has the sole purpose of bringing the most up-to-date experience with Office to those users who do not want or need to use the cloud and who do not need regular updates. It is a parallel channel to Microsoft 365, whose operation was not compromised with the approach of this initiative.

Although it is scheduled for the second half of 2021, to date, the official launch of either of these two versions of the Microsoft suite has not been exactly scheduled. However, the release of a preview version of Office LTSC in April is already committed.

These two new versions of Office will arrive in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, they will also have editions for macOS.

The 2021 edition will retain the price of previous editions of Office, but the new LTSC version, boosted with enhancements for business environments, will be 10% more expensive.

Although Microsoft fully defends the use of the cloud, they also assume that it is not a universal solution, because for reasons of computer security, lack of access to the network or hardware limitations, among other reasons, they opt for the installation of more stable applications.

Under this model, Office features will be limited only to those proven over time and whose stability and correct operation can be guaranteed.

Instead of subscribing to a service, this dynamic can be friendlier for those people who, true to the classic, prefer to buy their software through a one-time payment and have a perpetual authorization to use it.

This announcement was issued by Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365, through the blog from Microsoft.

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