PowerX Energy Suite on Kickstarter

A campaign for the PowerX Energy Suite is currently running on Kickstarter. The suite gives you an insight into and control over (hot) water and energy consumption, and of course helps you save money and protect the environment.

PowerX Energy Suite – water and electricity at a glance

The The campaign runs on Kickstarter for another 10 days, but has already exceeded the target of $ 20,000 for a long time. Almost $ 180,000 have been collected so far. Every time I am amazed at the new ideas people come around the corner with. The suite contains the necessary hub and also offers 3 different sensors: PowerX Heat, PowerX Water and PowerX Electricity.

Optimize hot water and keep an eye on consumption

PowerX Heat is a plug-and-play solution for a gas or electric water heater that provides information on the consumption of hot water for every single device in your house. In contrast to some other sensors, you don’t have to control anything yourself – you install PowerX Heat and the device automatically saves your money with optimal settings.

Also PowerX Water comes as a complete plug-and-play installation that attaches to your main water supply. You don’t need any installation experience, you don’t need any maintenance and you don’t need any lubricant to connect the ultrasonic sensors to the pipe – just attach it to the pipe and you’re done. PowerX Water works with different pipe sizes (0.75-1.5 inches) and different pipe materials (PVC, copper, steel). The sensor monitors the water consumption of all outlets in the entire house and also has an automatic detection for water leaks, just in case.

Save electricity and keep an eye on consumption

PowerX Electricity should help save electricity. As expected, this sensor is not simply installed quickly as a plug-and-play solution. This sensor must be connected to the fuse box and should therefore be installed by an electrician. Because PowerX uses LoRa (Long Range) technology to send data, there is no need to drill a hole for an antenna in the fuse box, and there is no need to buy a wireless repeater.

After successful installation, the sensor can recognize devices and break down the consumption according to individual devices. It gives you tailor-made tips on how to save and identifies inefficient appliances in the household.

An app or voice control for an overview

PowerX Hub connects all of the above PowerX sensors to a common Energy Suite. The hub is equipped with WiFi, LAN and LoRa technology. LoRa allows data to be sent and received over long distances (when there are no walls). So it shouldn’t be a problem if the sensors are in the basement where there is no internet. The PowerX Hub is the central interface and connects the PowerX sensors to the Internet. Detailed information and tips on individual consumers can then be called up via a smartphone app. The hub is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Click here for the campaign on Kickstarter.


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