The Internet TV platform FuboTV takes its app to Samsung’s Smart TVs

FuboTV is one of the streaming platforms that we can currently enjoy in Spain, a low-cost subscription service that offers access to free-to-air television channels and pay-platform television channels, always national, as well as content of television on demand, including content from streaming platforms such as HBO or Netflix, among others, pretending to serve as an alternative to the offer of television channels from telecommunications operators.

Spain is precisely the only European country in which it is currently, whose arrival took place two years ago, also offering its services in the United States, where it is already fully established, with a strong focus on broadcasting live sporting events.

For those who do not want to depend on the TV offer of the operators

The closest we have to FuboTV in Spain is Movistar + Lite, a reduced version of Movistar + for non-Movistar clients, although we also had Sky España with a very similar approach, which closed its operations as soon as it entered the month of September of last year.

One of the advantages is being a multiplatform service

FuboTV now wants to start an expansion phase in Spain with which to achieve new users. In this sense, in addition to being available through the web and Android applications, Android TV, iOS, Fire TV and Chromecasts, the company has announced that it will also begin to be available on Samsung smart TVs launched from 2016 and that it will arrive, as expected, on smart TVs that the Korean company will launch throughout the year. throughout this 2021.

With a view to increasing content, including live sporting events

In addition, FuboTV also hopes to increase its content offer, looking favorably on the commitment to also offer live broadcasts of sporting events as part of its appeal, having a structure that allows it to accommodate the high demand of users without suffering the consequences that other platforms suffered during sports broadcasts.

Regarding prices, there are three possible options: € 2.99 / month for those who opt for the monthly subscription, € 3.99 / month for those who opt for the quarterly subscription, and € 4.99 / month for those who opt for the monthly subscription, without permanence in any case, and there is a free trial period of seven days.

From FuboTV it recognizes that at any time they will have to make some price adjustments, but always maintaining the character of being a very affordable service.

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