To create workflows for creating and publishing to YouTube channels

Tools for planning and monitoring projects there are many, many, from the most veteran to the most recent, and from the best known to the most unknown, etc.

But it may be that the needs in certain sectors may be quite different, and that the current proposals do not cover them in any way. In this regard, if the work consists of the creation and publication of videos at a professional level on YouTube, Togeto is the first specific planning and monitoring tool for this type of professional.

For those who work creating and publishing videos on YouTube

Available via the web through a business model freemiumWith a first free rate plan followed by a series of paid rate plans available to cover different needs, with each plan offering a series of capabilities and characteristics of its own, Togeto offers a series of tools aimed at planning, collaboration and organization of channels YouTube.

It is presented as follows: is an inspiring new YouTube channel management and job assignment tool. Now you and your team can plan your workflow seamlessly, while staying on top of your priority tasks.

With integrations with third-party tools to keep work flow

In addition, as in other project planning and monitoring tools, Togeto also has integration of third-party platforms so that work teams can have everything they need for their workflow without having to alternate between different tools depending on the chores.

Its creators try to meet the specific needs of these professionals in the absence of a similar tool in the landscape of productivity tools on the Internet, indicating that:

We found that there was nothing on the market specifically designed for YouTube content creators. With your inquiry, we created, the productivity app for YouTubers with all the tools to set you up for success.

It is already a matter of choosing the plan that best suits the needs of each team, and integrating the rest of the members into it to start working on the different projects that you want to carry out for YouTube.

And if the tool is combined with many other existing tools focused on YouTube, such as the YouTube video analytics system vidIQ, then success can be more than guaranteed.

Link: Togeto

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