Xiaomi: IoT products will be a major focus of the brand in 2021

Xiaomi is well known for its smartphones and this has already catapulted the company to the third place in the world hierarchy. However, the Chinese company has a product portfolio that goes far beyond mobile devices.

Smart home products are another of Xiaomi’s big bets. This clearly expanding market segment will be one of the Chinese company’s major goals for the year ahead.

Lu Weibing Weibo

This commitment was made by Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi, through the social network Weibo. There, the executive declares Xiaomi’s focus on smart home gadgets over the coming months.

Xiaomi will bring more products to the smart home throughout 2021

Xiaomi already has a vast portfolio of products that aim to make your home smarter. From smart lamps, sockets, vacuum cleaners or security cameras, the range of products of this kind is already wide that you can find in any official brand store in Portugal.

During 2021, Xiaomi will further expand its offer in this market, especially in China. Still, the brand is expected to expand the availability of many of these products to international markets.

Unfortunately, Weibing did not elaborate on the topic. Therefore, we will have to wait for the respective presentations to understand what new Chinese technology will bring to further influence this market.

Quality products at an affordable price are the vectors of Xiaomi

Also in the smart homes department, Xiaomi applies this formula of success. IoT products with the seal of Chinese technology have a fantastic relationship between quality and price.

It is no coincidence that the choice of many users falls on the products of Xiaomi and its partners in this market. The universe of users is growing and it will certainly be the brand’s hope to make it grow even more in 2021.

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