YouTube will not reopen its physical spaces for creators in its new strategy

YouTube announced this week that they will no longer open YouTube Spaces, available in major cities around the world, opting instead for a hybrid model that will allow flexibility when bringing resources and tools to artists and creators throughout the world.

The Google video platform has the experience after having face-to-face meetings in emerging places beyond the walls of YouTube Spaces, which they held in 2016, in addition to the various meetings they have carried out over the past year in such a way that virtual as a consequence of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Looking for the flexibility that allows you to reach more artists and creators

To this must be added that there are more and more creators from more places in the world that the platform will try to reach. That’s why YouTube Spaces They will not reopen their doors even after the pandemic.

In YouTube consider that:

We truly believe that this new flexible strategy will allow us to reach more regions and positively impact more new and existing creators and artists by providing them with the guidance and resources they need to take their craft to the next level.

YouTube Spaces have been found located in the cities of Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rio and Tokyo. It is clear that his previous approach was becoming outdated, added to the new experiences of encounters that he has been carrying in recent years, and that from there arises the need to bet on a model that provides flexibility for the benefit of creators and artists, but also Educational institutions and NGOs have benefited.

According to the platform:

In just over four years, we organized more than 45 emerging events that reached more than 15,000 creators and artists, as well as NGOs and educational institutions. These were located in more than 20 cities that normally would not have access to a physical space, from Buenos Aires and Mexico City, to Madrid, Milan, Cairo, Jakarta, Taiwan and Mumbai

Additionally, YouTube has committed that in 2021 in its #YouTubeBlack Voices virtual development programs of several weeks, in the NextUp program, in several live and recorded workshops as part of the learning tool kits of the Academy of creators , in artist workshops and YouTube labels, as well as bringing emerging events and experiences to new communities.

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