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New German Netflix production, Tribes of Europa reworks a dystopian world where technology has transformed Europe into a multiplicity of micro-nations fighting for domination of the continent. Imagined by the producers of Dark, is this new series worth the detour? Spoiler alert: we think so!

Credit: Gordon Timpen / Netflix

Who has never wondered what the world of tomorrow would look like? Whether in the near future or the distant future, many films and series have tried to portray an alternative or realistic future. In the vast majority of cases, this future is dystopian. Tribes of Europa, the new German production of Netflix, follows this line. The series plunges us into a dark and divided universe, at the dawn of the year 2074. After a “big blackout” in 2029, civilization as we know it disappeared, giving way to micro-nations similar to tribes. Through the destinies of two brothers and a sister, Tribes of Europa explores three different narrative arcs, with challenges that are unique to them. The mission ? save mankind from the errors of the ancient civilization.

Between modernity and primitivity

Credit: Gordon Timpen / Netflix

The three main characters, Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), Lliv (Henriette Confurius) and Elja (David Ali Rashed), who have always enjoyed a peaceful and private life, quickly find themselves confronted with the violence, desolation and harshness of the world around them. In the first episode, the writers are stingy in details on the creation of this new world, which oscillates between modernity and primitivity. The spectator gropes his way, just like the characters of the entire Origins tribe. Technology is (almost) totally absent from the series but the environment reflects this idea of ​​modernity, behind gray and blue colors, and sober and dark design outfits. It is rare to see a dystopia devoid of technology, even if that is more or less the bet that The 100 made in its time. This risk-taking works because the series shows us what a man (or woman) is capable of when confronted with his state of nature.

While the atmosphere is one of the biggest strengths of the series, the producers of Dark are no slouch when it comes to writing and building the character psyche. Moses (Moïse in French) is the perfect example. He brings a healthy touch of humor to this violent plot and to this world invaded by cruelty and political strategies. Lliv, on the other hand, is what one could call a strong female figure, desperate to survive and protect her brothers. Henriette Confurius carries this leadership role wonderfully, although she is not really used to this kind of production.

A dystopian genre, but realistic, and that works

Credit: Gordon Timpen / Netflix

Produced by the creators of the hit series Dark, one can only expect a science fiction wonder. Indeed, Tribes of Europa reappropriates the codes of traditional dystopia. If it does not really manage to reinvent the genre, the series is based on a gripping and above all strangely realistic plot. Above all, it questions the way in which civilizations are formed, by communities of ideological affinities. Tribes have their own codes, their own routines and their own laws. Despite the chaos that reigns there, the series has found its balance.

As for the rhythm, if the beginning of the first episode remains a bit hazy, the series is betting on keeping us going from start to finish. On the production side, Tribes of Europa succeeded in staging the action thanks to fluid camera movement, especially during combat scenes. Finally, it should be noted that despite the promise to send us to the future, Netflix has not bet on a profusion of special effects. A wise choice and which avoids the few setbacks that Netflix had known in the past (hello October Faction). It remains to be seen if Tribes of Europa will go the distance. The interest of the series lies more in the pursuit of an underlying mystery than the simple survival of our young heroes and the cohabitation of the tribes. Will she succeed in offering us a first season that meets our expectations? We will give you the leisure to discover it for yourself.

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